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→  June 6, 2021

The transition from a “rickety tumble down building to this magnificent stone structure, the pride of the west, standing high on Capitol Hill and overlooking the whole city of Omaha” began in 1901 and was completed in 1912. Renovations have taken place since that time, but a student who attended Central during the building’s early […]

Alumni Association at CHS Events →  June 6, 2010

The Alumni Association participates in many events at CHS during the year.  They bring CHS gear to reunions, so attendees can purchase offical Eagle t-shirts, sweatshirts and get an offical commerative stylebook.

→  June 6, 2010

Next time you visit Central, check out the Alumni Arts Library display case in the courtyard. It’s bulging with brilliant literary and other artistic achievements authored by Central High alumni and educators who have generously donated their works for us to display and take pride in. The subjects are as diverse as our student population […]

→  June 6, 2010

The CHS Alumni Association plays a key role in the success of class reunions every year. The Alumni Association’s Reunion Chairperson supports reunion planners with coordination, communication and other assistance as needed. A new feature of the CHS Alumni Web Site is the availability of a web page for posting general web details for your […]

→  June 6, 2010

We are creating and nurturing a lifelong reciprocal relationship between Central and its students, past and present. This web site and communication via e-mail are key initiatives of the CHS Alumni Association.