We are committed to the Central High School experience by promoting the strong traditions of the school, preserving the rich history of the past and supporting its present and future endeavors.

The Vision of the Alumni Association is to cultivate a partnership of alumni, families, students, teachers, staff and supporters with a unified goal of perpetuating the tradition of excellence and the legacy of Omaha Central High School.

The Alumni Association exists to preserve Central’s heritage and spirit with these ongoing programs:

  • Recognizing outstanding alumni through Central’s Hall of Fame
  • Making all issues of the Register, all O-Books, photos and other historical information accessible online anytime, anywhere
  • Creating and maintaining display cases in the Courtyard displaying artifacts that illustrate Central’s unique history
  • Collecting books written by Central alumni, with second copies given to the school library
  • Alumni website to help you stay connected to Central, past and present
  • Making authorized alumni apparel available online and at special events
  • Representing CHS alumni on the Central High School Foundation Board of Directors
  • Special projects, such as the Central history timeline that hangs in the Courtyard today
  • Class reunion assistance

Back Row : Jenny Nelson Reid 01, Kaitlin Davis 02, Henry Cordes 81, Dave Schinzel 82.  Middle Row: Dick Zacharia 61, Mary Gryva 69, Bill Burns 70, Liz Crossman Cook 95, Dr. Alvin Samuels 06, Claire Devney 01, Abby Olbertz Waller 01, Chris Pellman 82, Barb Naughtin 69, Dr. Rusty Crossman 66, Jen Watzke Simpson 92, John Flemming 66 , Michelle Stone Kiel 94, Pat Brown 55, Gary Willis 70. Front Row: Cheryl Marks Willis 70, Jeanne Rice Mason 64, Merrilee Moshier Miller 66,  Harold Pharoah 66, Sandy Bressman Nathan 64, Jeanette Rice Johnson 64, Terri Zacharia 62.
Not Pictured: Keith Bigsby, honorary, Pegi Georgeson 61, Peggy Carrell 66, Joan Marcus 55, Owen Wengert 72, & Duane Hennings 70.

Executive Board

President Elect: Henry Cordes, 1981
President Elect: Kaitlyn Davis, 2002
Secretary: Abby Waller, 2001
Treasurer: Liz (Crossman) Cook, 1995
Past President:  Michelle (Stone) Kiel, 1994

The Alumni Association meets monthly on the second Monday of the month from September to May. Meetings begin at 6:00 PM at Central High School. Meetings are open and alumni are welcome to attend. This is a great way to learn about the inner-workings of the Alumni Association, get involved, share your thoughts or just listen. We’d love to see you at our next meeting.

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