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Robert Holts, Class of 1946 →  October 5, 2019

Holts helped pave the way for the integration of the U.S. armed services by serving with the famed Tuskeegee Airmen during World War II. As the product of an integrated high school, Holts was surprised to find when he enlisted in the Army in 1942 that white and black soldiers were segregated. While most black […]

Eagles in the News →  August 31, 2011

Several Past & Present Eagles have been in the news: Dr. Ed Bennett was appointed as the principal of Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School.  The Rev. J. Scott Barker (’82) was celebrated.  The boys varsity track team was recognized for winning another team state championship.  Ted Lampkin (’11) was honored as the 2011 Nebraska high school male […]

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Awards Given →  March 22, 2010